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Turn Table

The Vision exists to bring grimy, hard street hop to an underserved market. All the other top beat sites are flooded with soft, wannabe musical but don't really pull it off type beats, and they're ruining the market! Its time for ME & YOU to fix that! Let's get together and steer the game in the right direction!

My Story

Yo! This is Shér Khan, a producer based out of Houston, TX. I grew up in NJ and fell in love with Hip Hop in the early 90s, stupidly thinking my Pakistani immigrant parents had no idea what all the curses meant (*Cue facepalm*)

I was always enamored by the process of making music, from writing the lyrics, the hooks, the flow, and of course, the beats in the background. But how were they made? Back then, behind the scenes info wasn't readily available like it is today. I just assumed it would have something to do with the giant SSL boards they show in every professional studio... what else could that thing be? But how could I ever get access to get one of those things and make some beats of my own?


I remember being 14, less than 6 months after my boy Athan Maxen got me to write my first rhyme, and reading the April 2000 issue of XXL with Juvenile on the cover, there was an article about Swizz Beats, the hottest producer in the world at the time. And there lied the key: the article mentioned his equipment of choice for making beats, a keyboard called the Korg Trinity. That's it. That's what I need. 

Or so I thought. I looked up the keyboard, thinking I could scrap together some birthday money and cop it. The highest end keyboards I saw at Best Buy were usually around $300, a little more expensive than a Playstation, but this thing...? Over $1700!!! How in the world was I going to get my hands on that kind of cream?! Well, I guess I gotta figure it out, cuz there's no way I'm letting anything stand in my way!


Fortunately, I was able to get my feet wet in a more accessible way. Not long after, I started seeing ads for some new computer program called Hip Hop eJay. Soon after, I copped Hip Hop eJay 2 from Circuit City, and my beat making adventure began. 20 some odd years later, here I am, still bangin out. Join my journey.

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